Thursday, May 30, 2013

set baru

it's over..
reality display-nya begitulah
single-core processor- nya pun sama
tapi chipset lain belum lagi..huhu
ayat orang giler tengok fon...tengok jer =D

masih ingat dan teringat
hari aku cuba kongsi kegembiraan dapt kerja lepas diploma
days after jumpa kali terakhir dalam bulan tu..
tapi respon diterima dingin saja..

it's not moment to be remember anymore
pixels were dead..and the core wasn't function
for years.. 

now, new OS are installed
the screen looking great
as great as 'super amoled plus hd' 'bravia engine 2' and 'retina display'
core can perform better now..
looking forward to upgrade into dual-core processor
and  again-metaphor linked to smartphone..hehehe

i told ciknad few days ago..
about my planning to let go two current opportunities 
for a training  programme offered by university
 I take banking so I want to be with banking
at least for while..and I also told her
about few more plan for my future.. =)

~ X ~

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