Friday, August 30, 2013

From X to so-so

" You're so stupid!"
I supposed to say this word to my friend..
not intentionally but it's a part of expression's role play.
But suddenly it became "
You're so-so.."
when the trainer said 'start'.

I create a situation where a daughter come to his father and said " I failed in exam.."  and the father get angry then say " You're so stupid!" to show how angry he is. But the end that's not happen..hoho

After that, I was awarded as 'king' for the role play and the bad thing is they start to call me as 'so-so' -_-"

I took many years to strengthen 'maXwell' and now they start to remember that so-so's name..haa haa =(

Done thinking how that thing happened.. So I believe that scout spirit always in my heart, the tenth laws is 'Reverence' for words, mind and action.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

The EI week's

I feel like I took long time to come out with new entry, lack of idea or topic? I don't think so, might be it's because I always back to hostel with tired body and hungry.. So smartphones always the choice to surf internet but it can't give me access to this account for writing an entry.. apps is for gmail user only.. what the.. grr

By the way, we had moved from Bangi back to Cyberjaya again and surprisingly we got a suite that will be share only by four people with swimming pool just next a block  from us... and Astro with full channel, air-conditioning, I think this is too much..haha

Its almost a month or maybe already a month, but only by this week I am able to know all students in my group.Thanks to the activities which are set up for us.

Futsal Fighting. Through this week the boys had played three times and one of them is with girls from our group. This is second time in my life playing futsal against girls, first is when I was 19 during intensive training for commander. The same thing happened, boys played very careful than girls, we like a red matador against bulls. But somehow, we are not letting girls from win over us, final score is 2-1..and I'm the one who scored those goals. he he..    
30 out of 40
A meeting held with Tan Sri at one of his building, a unique building with go-green concept. Not much I can say about this meeting but I really wanted to become bullet for him to shoot people in education system.Okay this is not a murdering plan..huhu
total number of men in this program..huhu

Saturday, August 3, 2013

I'm waiting for you

I'll waiting for 'you'
Things that I'm dreamed before,
Now looks achievable,
Just need some more inspiration, motivation
Then it will begin

Thanks for this giving
I had completed my degree today
as what I was told in the email from the university early this morning

I'm waiting for you
Countdown each day for that day,
Which might be the last ever. convocation day

Thursday, August 1, 2013

one for four

My eyes cached your beauty.
You dressed in blue
I'm attracting to you.

I thought after degree examinations end, I will not meet with test, exam or something like education age.. but suddenly tomorrow I need to go through the test for Green Belt 6sigma... the graph and it's interpretation also the calculations will drive me crazy tonight..haa ='(

Every place I went, guys are limited. Same as here, our ratio  is 1:4. one guys for 4 girls..huhu =) Happy? sort of but not too happy because my classmates are here too, taking same training as me..haha. I don't be labelled as casanova or playboy because I'm not... but to keep survive here we need to be talkative, friendly, and so on. So until I meet this blog again.. bye ^__^