Friday, January 2, 2015

New year 2015

Tahun baru datang lagi!! 2015 gantikan 2014 yang penuh airmata. Not only me and my family but most of Malaysian, depend on what happen to them. For me of course the losing of grandma hurt me more than anything last year. Those who don't know yet, weeks before my grandma past away I've wrote an entry and said "I willing to not have  job just to take care my grandma till the end of her life". Then, that was happened. I got a job few days after the funeral. The job that I planned to have at the retirement age not now, but I took the chance given to me.

Since back from seberang tambak my health condition dramatically drop to certain level which never been faced recent years. But, none of my family aware about my condition 'cuz I had limit the communication access for my relative. only certain things will appear on my FB.

My new year eve was laying on patient bed in a clinic nearby, I was under treatment that night maybe because my  health condition become worst from day 1. Waiting for 1 pain water to finish. I snap a picture and post it in FB not for sympathy but to tell friends that I feel frustrated to people which i've made such promise to celebrate new year together since I could not join them for tomorrow.

When I was about to sleep.. a wassap coming to my phone and says "abang warded ke?" At that time, Oh god, thanks a lot..I feel better now! Few frens which never be contacted soo long also leave a comment at my FB and I appreciate their concern.

New year start now, I wish my work performance will be better, my obligation to The Creator also better, my heart to that girl will stronger, my dream and prays will be true.  In 1 year and 6 month from yesterday, I hope good things happen just how I wished for. Amiin