Tuesday, November 26, 2013

first failure

Gagal sekali tak bermakna gagal selamanya. Wahh ini ungkapan fantasi masa zaman sekolah. Reality will be totally different n difficult. Bila dah gagal, rancangan asal perlu dipinda, bila dipinda masa pun bertambah, believe or not satu kegagalan mencipta kegagalan lain.

Apahal citer pasal gagal2 ni? Why not about gegurl je? Huhu. Dua minggu weh, dah dua minggu aku memegang unemployment title ni. Even hati ni cuba bertabah facing this moment but god knows me well n better when i read group wassap how happy they are when hsbc called them. Kalaupun ada yg sebahagian lagi belum receive any call yet tapi at least diorang dah tahu keputusan interview tu memihak diorang. Me? Jangankan diri sendiri, friends pon xpercaya aku gagal. They said the interviewer was gender bias. 

I hate to say this because for many years I had develop myself to be positive thinker, but today I need to admit my failure to get my first job, i feel sad when comparing myself with friends who went for the same interview. I feel down when I asked them when will you start working and they said this thursday. I really want to cry on this failure more than when i breakup with somebody few years ago. 

As I have said before, the dominoes of failure. Now i need to buy another chance for my initial plan and hope it will not be too late for me when the chances coming.

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