Monday, November 4, 2013

time's over

For a long time, last month was a first time I didn't post anything here. Many thing happened lately and I do not have enough time to tell all the stories. =)

I'm going to interview this upcoming Thursday, wish me luck okay. Sadly 7 of us not managed to passed the Boplus test. But they still have chance to build their career here- Cyberjaya. Hope we can continue to be together.

As the bond become tightly.. Our house are not our house any-more, their house not really their house. We can come anytime to each other house for variety of reasons. Watch movie or football and any channels on Astro, play Xbox and most common is for food. 

Wherever light exist, there's always dark. I did  not expected that would happen last night, but I hope nothing happened over the board 'cuz I don't want to be partner in crime. I wanted it too but I want to have it alone.huhu 3=D

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