Tuesday, December 3, 2013

raining n waiting

Now is 'tengkujuh' season, in English maybe we called it as raining season, I'm not sure..huhu. Some people says "rain bring god blessings" but for me rain still rain. Yesterday rain has fell for the entire day..24 hours non-stop. Eh da macam news plak..haha

Hati ni masih bersedih, bukan sebab kekasih tapi sebab tak dapat call lagi. Bila la kerja tu nak panggil aku. Harini few more friends got call from the company..next week they will start working.

This morning, i went to convention merangkap convocation gak la untuk kitorang sume yg join program 4 bulan tu. Meet up with several important people that related to my future still not giving a really good sign for me. They put us(especially me and the another friend) to keep waiting.

I planned to find my own path after this day, but because that person made a promise by the end of this month we will get hired so suddenly my brain said I should wait until the end of this year. He also asked us to enjoy this holidays.. But we told him how to enjoy without having money? Suddenly he said do part time job for pocket money but not for long term.  aigoo

Waiting is suffering,  that's for real!

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