Saturday, May 3, 2014

after April

Life must go on..even we got deep stabbed from event happened around us everyday. 'Cuz time will wipe it away from our memory someday.

I prevent my self from post anything in many thing last month, my FB's wall especially because I don't have feeling to do it like before. Other reason is because the working life really kill me to open laptop and write something as status.

New month new thing. A practical student in the office chill my every weekday. The way she talk and walk have similarity with somebody (?). Recently many staff said something about her..even staff at branches. WoEmgI...She's beautiful? Why I didn't notice it before!?? HAHAHA. Itulah bukti yang aku pandang muka dia tu selama ni sebab nak tumpukan perhatian apa dia cakap bukan sebab aku ada perasaan. =P

'Cuz I got used to this type of gossip..for this time I try to counter back every jokes made by my colleagues and with her help I feel half of the burden has gone. Dia berbakat kalau shoot orang, tu yang aku suka. huhu.

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