Thursday, August 1, 2013

one for four

My eyes cached your beauty.
You dressed in blue
I'm attracting to you.

I thought after degree examinations end, I will not meet with test, exam or something like education age.. but suddenly tomorrow I need to go through the test for Green Belt 6sigma... the graph and it's interpretation also the calculations will drive me crazy tonight..haa ='(

Every place I went, guys are limited. Same as here, our ratio  is 1:4. one guys for 4 girls..huhu =) Happy? sort of but not too happy because my classmates are here too, taking same training as me..haha. I don't be labelled as casanova or playboy because I'm not... but to keep survive here we need to be talkative, friendly, and so on. So until I meet this blog again.. bye ^__^  

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