Monday, January 27, 2014

end of my January

It's really sometime for me to come back to this site.. I was planning to close this account and the other one just before this year get started but unfortunately most of the entries had some nostalgic value to me. Also I have been thinking  to make both blogs as hard copy (really??) but its really required commitment from myself to do it.
As the word 'commitment' appears, I am still not understand why I feel hard to find a righteous job for me to start my career path. Because out there I faced with several issues that put me in dilemma but at the end, by decision iI had made, I still in confusing. Did I made a right decision? Three jobs came but non of them missed my kick..the forth coming but I was kinda been advised to not take the job because of the 'S' issue.
Keep waiting?  urhh you know it's suffering, especially for me who have big dream.

Despite of all lost and things happened,  I was glad cuz I'm here to get involves in family things. An aunt passed away on the sameday my granny got hospitalized. May Allah bless me n my family. Amin

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