Tuesday, January 15, 2013

just a memory

Masa..kadang2 mampu buat kita terlupa dan kadang2 pula tidak, Namun yang selalu berlaku adalah kita selalu terlupa. Do you remember what’s happened when you was 5 and below? Yes, I do have some memories from childhood..one of the most  that I can remember is  went  to Pangkor with entire family included uncles family's and grandparent.  The ferry, the tent I used to stayed while other got place in homestay..the beach, the huge rock, kota belanda..and the globe which is so popular during that time..oh yes, my mother prepared sandwiches night before the trip  at our home in Kepong, Gombak..the day would never come back as same as before.. after almost 15 years everything in Pangkor looks small to me when I came for second time. That is life..the laugh, cry, fight, fun, and embarrassed moment are never be the same  today and maybe do not happen anymore. But who we are in the past creating what we are today.

This blog maybe can be call as my backup memory..somehow I believe one day time will fade this memories from me.

But before it’s gone,  I hope days before today never  be forget  and stay longer inside of me.

I live with memories and histories, when I’m silent it doesn’t mean you already erased from my memory... Babye~

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